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Animal M Stak Review: Is it Worth a Try?

Universal Nutrition's Animal M Stak Sports Nutrition Supplement will help you lose subcutaneous fat and water and build more muscle. Animal M Stak is all natural, and as far as reviews from users go, this supplement is clearly one of the best natural supplements for people trying to lose weight and build muscle at the same time.

A container of this supplement consists of 21 servings. This is a comprehensive Animal M Stak review to help you know more about this great natural anabolic supplement.

A Little Background on Animal M Stak

Animal M Stak was created after extensive studies on the athletic properties of anabolic flavonoids. These anabolic flavonoids have outstanding abilities to cause an increase in lean muscle mass. The formula stands out for its ability to use these anabolic flavonoids in combinations that pack great potency, look Invigor8.

Furthermore, Universal Nutrition gets the dosage just right, which means that you will definitely see the results of using this supplement after a relatively short period of use. The best thing about this supplement is that it is completely natural, which means you do not have to worry about the nasty and oftentimes dangerous side effects that come with synthetic weight loss and muscle gain supplements.

How Does Animal M Stak Work?

It can substantially increase protein biosynthesis in your body while also helping you to retain muscle tissue. This supplement also improves the production of testosterone, human growth hormone, luteinizing hormone, and insulin.

All these hormones have a substantial impact, either on your ability to build lean muscle mass or on the ability to lose excess fat. Furthermore, the hormone boosts result in greater energy, which is precisely what you need to engage in an immersive work out after using the supplement. The supplement also contains liver detoxifiers.

Animal M Stak Reviews from Other Users

Animal Stak reviews are overwhelmingly positive, a clear evidence of the incontestable capabilities of this nutritional supplement. On all main supplement retail platforms, a majority of the users give Animal M Stak a perfect score. This means that the supplement is more than likely to give you very good results following its use.

Some of those who feel that the supplement deserves a less-than-ideal score are those who experienced some minor side effects, for instance headaches. However, the ingredients are natural, and consist of natural extracts from natural products that have been part of humankind’s nutrition for hundreds of years. Therefore, the side effects are nothing but dietary, and only occur in a select group of users.

Of course, for those who took the supplement without working out to advantage of the increase in muscle building potential Animal M Stak creates would not consider it effective for weight loss or muscle gain. You should consider these factors when deciding on the appropriateness of the supplement, which basically means it is more than likely to give you impressive results after you use it.

Ingredients in Animal M Stak

Natural Flavone/Sterone Complex
A single serving of this supplement contains 750 mg of this potent ingredient. Flavonoids and sterones have very strong muscle-building capabilities. These ingredients also enhance performance by giving you a rush of energy that helps make your workouts a bliss.

Anti-Catabolic Amino Complex
There is a whopping 3000 mg of Anti-Catabolic Amino Complex in this supplement, three times greater than the second-largest ingredient, Anabolic Adaptogen Complex. As the name suggests, this ingredient has strong anti-catabolic quantities, which means its role is to prevent loss of lean muscle mass.

This is a real risk during most weight loss endeavors, particularly where supplements are involved. This means that even as Animal M Stak helps you shed the excessive fat, you will not lose the muscle as well, which largely accounts for its dual abilities to build muscle and reduce fat as well.

Anabolic Adaptogen Complex
One serving of this supplement contains 1000 mg of this ingredient. Again, as the name clearly implies, this ingredient has strong anabolic properties. As you might already know, anabolic reactions are responsible for an increase in muscle mass. The Anti-Catabolic Amino Complex discussed earlier makes sure that the effects of this ingredient in your body do not go to waste.

While this ingredient promotes muscle mass development, the anti-catabolic amino complex ensures that the fat loss caused by the supplement does not also result in a reduction of muscle, which can cancel out the effects of Anabolic Adaptogen Complex.

Insulin Potentiating Complex
There are 500 mg of Insulin Potentiating Complex in Animal M Stak. Some of the compounds used to make this include fenugreek extract. Fenugreek is also well known for its testosterone boosting properties. Testosterone plays a very significant role in development of muscle mass as well as loss of excess body fat.

The Insulin Potentiating Complex helps optimize insulin levels in the body. Insulin plays a very important role in the regulation of blood sugar levels and the burning of excessive fat in the body.

M Factor Complex
This ingredient consists of ginger root and fruit extracts and accounts for 500 mg of each serving of this supplement. Ginger has several beneficial properties. For instance, it prevents muscle soreness after workouts.

Energy Complex
Energy Complex constitutes 500 mg of a single serving of this supplement. This ingredient consists of caffeine and theobromine. The purpose of this ingredient is to boost your energy levels and endurance during workouts. This will definitely make your workouts much more fun.

Side Effects

As with any other nutritional substance, Animal M Stak has some potential side effects. However, these are usually the exception among the users. They include headaches and anxiety, especially due to the presence of a stimulant, caffeine.

Other than that, you will hardly notice any downside to using this supplement.


Many Animal M Stak reviews have proven that this is a worthwhile purchase. This review gives you more reasons why you should give this supplement a chance as a fat loss or a muscle gain solution. The ingredients are all made of natural products, and have very few side effects, which occur in very few users.

Furthermore, the results are quite impressive, as many people who have used the product have reported. There is no reason you should not give Animal M Stak a try if you are keen on burning that excess fat and build muscles in its place.