Emma Minshull


Does Getting Counselling Psychology Degree Really Opens New Career Possibilities? Some Useful Facts and Tips for Your Consideration

The academic area of psychologists' research is rather wide and considerably diverse, but as it is believed√° in general in includes all aspects of knowledge related to the human mind, the human mentality and behavior, their structure, types, reasons and the ways the brain and the mentality are related to each other and influence each other. This is partly a strictly academic scientific discipline. On the other hand such areas as cognitive, emotional, or social aspects of human mentality and behavior are successfully studied by the research psychologists, who have succeeded to penetrate them to considerable depths. Any person interested in career in above-mentioned areas of science should obtain at least a master's degree or a doctorate in the related field of specialization. Another popular employment market for aspiring psychology graduates is the clinical psychiatry or counselling. Clinical psychologists counsel patients in pretty much the same was as the psychiatrists do, though there are some differences. It goes without saying that positions of this magnitude generally require a doctorate or M.D. Still there is plenty of employment opportunities with an excellent career potential opened to graduates with a bachelor degree in psychology, though many people juts do not realize it!

What does that mean for students who opted for majoring in this academic discipline and for some reason found out that they are either not able or simply don't want to spend several additional years to graduate with full master's degree or a doctorate in psychology? In this case such students would be recommended to obtain a bachelor degree, such as a counseling psychology degree. The modern social, business and industrial environment offers many fulfilling career options in a number of professions and industries. For your convenience, below we have compiled a short list of examples related to the hottest modern employment market opportunities suitable for a bachelor of psychology.

The area of Human Resources is one with great demand for bachelor degree psychologists. The skills and knowledge obtained at bachelor degree programs allow them applying for a position of a human resources administrator. The human resources administrator bears serious responsibilities in such areas as hiring and separation of employees, their appropriate placement, including suitable development and training of employees. Very often the human resources administrator is required to deal with personal problems of the employees through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). So it is not a wonder that all applicants who successfully graduated from a bachelor's degree in psychology program are given a priority since they are always considered a good choice for interviews and recruiting. The human resources administrator is just one of the entry level positions. In a couple of years after gaining hands-on experience the bachelor in psychology is very likely to be put in charge of employee training and development. In today's business environment this kind of internal business practices has gained considerable importance, since it is essential for successful team building. New responsibilities open new opportunities for further career growth and better financial reward on the part of the company management. As you see, it would be a good thing to consider taking up some traditional or online (very popular lately) bachelor or master degree counseling program.

One of the hottest employment opportunities for psychologists is found today in the area of Counseling. It should be mentioned that in some counseling specializations, for instance, Marriage and Family Counseling, an applicant should have a doctorate or a master's counseling psychology degree as well as not less than two years of clinical internship in the respective area. But in some areas of counselling the requirements of licensing authorities are much looser and this opens attractive opportunities to the applicants with a bachelor counseling psychology degree. For instance very good job opportunities can be found with Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which requires professionals with counselling degrees and experience. Another area with high demand for people with a background in psychology is working at one of substance abuse treatment programs, since most states do not require licensure in this area. In view of this it is highly recommended to consider joining an online bachelor or master degree counseling program, which is a convenient and affordable way to continue one's education in the field of applied psychology.

The modern business spends a lot of resources on research and understanding of consumers' demands, on understanding what people want and why they want it. This is one of the essential aspects of any product development, which employs an ample share of social psychology in the course of research. The product development experts have come to realization that studying the potential market for a new product requires some skills and knowledge of professionals with college background in psychology. Along with marketing experts and production specialists the college graduates with a bachelor psychology degree are offered attractive career and professional growth opportunities through participation in product development programs.

If you have successfully graduated from one of offline/online bachelor/master degree counseling programs, then another popular place to look for employment position would be the field of industrial-organizational psychology. Today this counselling specialization is in high demand by various businesses, since it plays one of the key roles in the process of streamlined productivity and improved worker satisfaction, which, again, is a base for better production quality. Very rewarding executive positions are offered to professionals with a master's degree in counselling psychology in the area of industrial-organizational psychology.

A holder of a bachelor's degree in counselling psychology is always very much welcome at vocational rehabilitation offices and community mental health centers. The job requirements, working conditions and payment options do vary from a community to community, from state to state, since it is a government service, so you do not need to jump to the first offer, some research into the matter is required to grab the best option. But lots of possibilities in the field are always opened to a counselling psychology degree graduate.