Emma Minshull


Exercises to tone your stomach

One area of the body which can be prone to weight gain is the stomach. This is also a particularly problematic area for women especially after child birth. Often tricky deposits of fat may remain here even after weight has been lost from the rest of the body. There are several good exercises however to get this area toned up in no time.

Sit ups

Sit ups are one of the best and easiest exercises to perform to tone up the stomach.Lie on the ground or a special yoga mat whilst keeping your knees bent and your feet firm on the ground. Place your hands at the side of your head with your fingers touching your ears, your arms bent with elbows pointing outwards.

Tighten up your abdominal muscles sucking your belly button into the ground. As you do slowly lift your head and shoulders off the ground but making sure your feet stay put at all times. Remain up for 1 – 3 seconds before returning back to the mat to your original position. Repeat this move 10 – 20 times slowly increasing as your ability to do this exercise increases - glucocil.
CrunchesCrunches are pretty much the same as sit ups but you must concentrate on your breathing. The initial position is the same as sit ups with your back being on the ground, knees bent and feet on floor. Hands to the side of the head or crossed on top of the chest.Then you must inhale and as you do so lift your head and shoulders off the ground by tightening your abdominal muscles. Stay in this position for 1 – 3 seconds then exhale and go back down returning to the ground.

Leg raises

This particular exercise will concentrate on the lower abdominal muscles.
Lie on the ground with your hands at the side of your head or across the chest as with the sit up exercise. Tighten in your stomach muscles and squeeze your bottom cheeks together. Then lift both of your legs off the ground keeping them as straight as you can. Then lower the legs towards the ground but try not to make contact. Keep them a couple of centre metres off the floor and then raise your legs again. Do 10 lifts 5 times.
Jack knife's
This is quite a difficult exercise but extremely effective as it uses all of the abdominal muscles.
Lie on the ground with your legs straight and your hands by the side of your body. Lift both your feet and head up at the same time. Try and hold this position for about 3 seconds and then lower both your feet and head.
Repeat this exercise 5 -10 times depending on the strength of your stomach muscles and slowly increase.